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QW Principles

Applying The 80/20 Principle:

80% of the work accomplished usually results from 20% of the effort exerted, Quick-Wins understands business priorities. Great impact can be achieved by focusing on solving the key challenges. Quick-Wins focuses on the things that matter most in order to add the greatest value in the shortest period of time.

Providing Practical Solutions:

We focus on presenting pragmatic solutions and methods rather than idealistic recommendations. This results in faster turnarounds and higher likelihood for success and long-term impact.

Applying Financial Oriented Approach:

The ultimate goal of any business is to create value, through growth and profits. Thus, Quick-Wins quantifies its recommendations against key financial measures to ensure they create value for clients.

Implementing Developed Strategies:

Quick-Wins understands that the value of a recommendation or strategy is realized only when it is implemented. Thus, Quick-Wins not only develops strategies and solutions, but also implement them alongside clients.