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Quick-Wins is a regional Management Consulting and Training firm based in Dubai with regional offices in Qatar, Egypt and soon in KSA. Quick-Wins provides different types of training and consulting services with new unique models of delivery and competitive edges on different sides. Quick-Wins offers its services to, but not limited to, portfolio holders, local industrials and multinational/regional groups. Quick-Wins has built a very solid clients portfolio throughout the past few years  in many countries across the MENA region in a variety of sectors including telecommunications, real estate, retail, manufacturing, media production and many others.


 qw_signis interested in establishing partnerships with organizations and / or individuals in the area of professional services. Such partnerships would create a win-win relationship that leads to the optimal benefit for both parties. Equity Partners, Business Partners or Referrals are all possible forms of partnership.

If interested, please contact us at info@quick-wins.com