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Working Environment

Results are achieved through people and that is why a supportive and encouraging work environment is a key success factor for Quick-Wins growth. Quick-Wins corporate culture possesses the following characteristics:

Flat Organization

The concept of a flat organization is vital to the culture of Quick-Wins. Our perception of a flat organization involves an open structure without levels of intervening management that block communication between employees and management. At Quick-Wins, all teams are encouraged to communicate directly with top management. Fresh graduates as well have the space to share their insights or feedback and their voices are always heard and considered.

Not a CEO Company

Quick-Wins is not run by a single CEO, but by a management team. It is a basic assumption that vital decisions are not made individually; but are rather studied and discussed by various team members.

Flexible Working Hours

Similar to other results-oriented firms, our main concern is not the number of hours employees spend on their desks. We have specific core hours but they are flexible as long as the quality of results & punctuality of delivery are not compromised. This flexibility in the system deepens the commitment of employees and imparts a sense of leadership.

Empowering Associates

In most consulting firms, fresh associates spend their first two years doing paperwork before they are thought fit to interface with clients. At Quick-Wins however, this is not our approach. We have great faith in the ability of our associates to rapidly develop if they are wisely exposed and fully supported. We encourage integration in projects from the very beginning and within a short period (1-3 months), young associates are trusted to deal with clients. However, we take all necessary measures to guarantee that this never reflects on project directions. Guidance by project managers or directors ensures that no critical decisions are ever made solely by fresh associates.

Staff Meetings

To strengthen the spirit of openness and unity, we consistently organize staff meetings. These meetings gather teams from different projects, and sometimes their families, in a warm friendly atmosphere. The theme could be for training, giving strategic directions or simply having fun!

Performance-based Promotions

The duration employees spend at Quick-Wins is not the crucial factor that affects their promotions. There are clear levels employees go through in their career path, but their promotion is not determined by how long they stay, but rather by their performance.

Learning Experience

You will find it amazing to have the chance to learn from some of the top talents in the business area. No matter how junior you are, you will always be able to significantly expand your skill set. In addition, most of the projects you will be working on will provide you with updated market knowledge. This acts to keep our staff very interested and excited since they know for sure that their work will make an impact on the company’s growth.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Quick-Wins is a high-energy, fast paced work environment. While the dress code might be “casual” the company attracts and retains some of the brightest minds in the business region. Quick-Wins corporate culture reflects the philosophy of “work hard, play hard”.