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Key Issue Prioritization

Background & Challenge

A family business group based in Riyadh specialized in trading business in medical equipment and office automation and furnishing. The group has been operating for over 50 years and currently has branches in over 20 cities throughout the kingdom. The Trading focus is on providing imaging, printing, computer, AV, storage and furnishing solutions. The scope was determining the key issues identified during the assessment phase of the project as to focus the project on the most important factors.

QW Engagement

The first phase of the project was a comprehensive assessment of the organization, covering financial performance, organization culture, structure, performance, links, systems, and management. Internal interviews and surveys were conducted to develop an understanding of the situation at hand. Client interviews and surveys were also conducted to assess product perception and what the company’s key strengths and weaknesses in terms of products, services and service provisioning existed. The first phase concluded with a prioritization of the key issues within the organization.

The second phase, setting the strategy, built upon this prioritization to address the key issues identified in the assessment phase. Developed jointly through workshops with the respective managers within the company, the key aspects of the new strategy were defined. The organization structure was then adjusted to accommodate the new strategy. A cost optimization exercise ran parallel to the new organization structure, removing redundancies created by the shift to the new strategy in addition to reviewing the current areas of excessive costs. The impact of the new strategy and optimizations were then estimated and a financial model developed estimating the company’s performance over the upcoming years.


Outcomes & Impact

A total of thirteen organization initiatives were identified from the first phase. Seven of these were identified as top priority initiatives, and formed the foundation of the strategy development phase. Addressing these led to a new strategy for the organization, increasing its focus on its core businesses.