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Leadership Development for a Regional Conglomerate Group

Background & Challenge

A leading Regional Conglomerate Group pursuing a highly focused approach of establishing, incorporating, acquiring, and owning enterprises has embarked few years back into a major transformation program in its business and operating model that increased the importance of the leadership role inside the organization.

With further restructuring and consolidation, the role of leaders has increased and it has become very important that the leaders of the different sectors, companies and departments possess not only strong technical capabilities but also solid and advanced managerial and leadership capabilities to be able to manage different businesses more effectively and create sustainable value.

Accordingly, the Regional Conglomerate Group has discussed with Quick-Wins the idea for developing a comprehensive leadership development program for 52 of its senior executives and first line managers.

QW Engagement

Quick-Wins had developed its solution based on Zenger Folkman’s strength-based leadership approach enriched with some managerial, interpersonal and strategic programs.
The development project started with an assessment phase, leadership, managerial and interpersonal workshops, follow-up sustainers and then ended with a post-assessment.


Outcomes & Impact

Based on the analysis of the individual assessments, an individual development plan was designed for each leader based on his specific needs.
Based on the analysis of the assessment of the whole group, the firm’s leaders were asked to develop their inspiring and motivation competencies.