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Strengths-Based Leadership Development


Based on its strong belief in the importance of strong leadership for organizational success, Quick-Wins offers The Extraordinary Leader program which is a prominent leadership program provided by the US based Zenger Folkman. With its innovative approach and worldwide presence, Zenger Folkman is considered “The Global Authority in Strengths Based Leadership Development”. Zenger Folkman has been selected as one of the top 20 Leadership Development Organizations by Trainingindustry.com, and has been ranked among the top 3 Leadership Development Organizations by Leadership Excellence Magazine for six consecutive years.

The Extraordinary Leader

The Extraordinary Leader program is based on studies that involved more than twenty thousand leaders to find out what separates good leaders from great ones in order to help organizations achieve better results from their employees and in turn, higher levels of profitability. The Extraordinary Leader program’s main objective is to “enhance business results by increasing leadership effectiveness”. more

The Extraordinary Performer

The Extraordinary performer is a Leadership Program enables “Good Employees Become Great Performers”. Individual Contributors make profound differences in their own performance as well as that of the organization to become long-term extraordinary performers. The program provides tools for employees, of all skills levels, to increase their ability to contribute. more

The Extraordinary Coach

The Extraordinary coach is a Leadership Program enables “Best Leaders to Help Others Grow”. Effective coaches have the potential to significantly increase their personal leadership impact and the productivity and effectiveness of those they coach. Based on research from the best-selling book, The Extraordinary Coach, this program offers a unique and data-driven framework for establishing a coaching culture in organization. more