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Color Accounting Program



  • Accounting Comes Alive has developed a new revolutionary approach to learning accounting and finance called Color Accounting™.
  • Color Accounting is a new way of presenting financial information using color and diagrams which is simple, fun and easy, making accounting accessible and understandable for ANYONE. It was invented and refined over the last decade and patented in 2010.
  • Colour Accounting™ is accounting taught visually – using storyboards, colours and pictures.
  • Color Accounting product; the patented and visual way to teach and discuss accounting, finance, how business works and making accounting ‘come alive’ in such a way that shifts the mentality of an organization.


  • Through the use of the visual framework, Color Accounting enables a robust understanding of where the numbers come from and diving into complex accounting concepts in rapid succession.
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  • The end result is an empowered manager, one who can use the financial reports as a tool to make intelligent business decisions.
  • “Get” the “big picture” of accounting and finance and use it as an effective management and monitoring tool.
  • By the end of the program, participants will be accounting literate and will be positioned to rapidly apply the concepts to business issues and advanced financial analysis, be able to read and analyze a balance sheet and income statement and for powerful communication.
Accounting and Finance are easy when you can see it

Engagement Method

Colour Accounting™ uses discovery learning – when you discover something, you own it! The workshop generally runs for a full day, divided into three modules as follow:


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