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Women Leadership Development

Despite the growing number of studies citing the diverse benefits organizations gain by having women leaders, women still have a hard time fighting their way through stereotypes, prejudices and a male-dominated workplace culture.

As part of its extensive Leadership Development Framework, Quick-Wins offers a special development program dedicated to Women Leaders.

The program extends over a period of several months and utilizes a variety development tools:

  1. Increase women’s awareness of the unique strengths they bring to the workplace and the challenges experienced by women across the globe
  2. Understand the impact gender differences have on their work and personal experiences and learn to make the best of them
  3. Help women build positive self-perception and maintain personal well-being
  4. Enhance women’s ability to communicate assertively
  5. Help women leaders realize how they are currently perceived as leaders, and recognize their strengths and fatal flaws if any exist
  6. Work with women leaders on building personalized leadership development plans


For more information and for registration contact
Email: yomna.ghoneim@quick-wins.com
Mobile: +20100 2060 364