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Strategy Consulting

Strategy Solutions aid organizations in different phases of their life-cycle; whether the organization is in the Pre-launch phase, the Rapid Growth phase or the Stagnation phase, Quick-Wins comes in, to interfere with all the necessary expert business consultancy services and provide you with best suited Strategy Solutions.

Quick-Wins uses structured engagements over four phases; Assessment phase, Design phase, Implementation phase and Impact Evaluation phase. The Strategy Solutions entail a comprehensive organization assessment to determine the key organizational strengths and development needs.

This Assessment Covers The Following:

  • Finance: Covers the financial performance of the organization as a whole analyzing key factors and assessing performance by region
  • People: Covers the caliber of employees, their motivation, leadership within the organization, development and recognition
  • Culture: Covers the mission, vision, and values within an organization as well as the level of engagement of employees
  • Structure: Covers the hierarchy within the organization, decision-making process, and task allocation within the organization
  • System: Covers the policies, processes and procedures within an organization on both the formal and informal levels
  • Links: Covers the communication and coordination within departments and across the organization as a whole
  • Performance: Covers how organizations get things done, including clarity of the workflow & accountability within the organization
  • Product: Covers the company’s product offering with specific reference to customer feedback and assessing product offering cohesiveness

The Key Project Streams Covered:

  • Assessment phase: which includes Financial Performance, Product Performance, Business Systems, Key Processes and Market Study
  • Design phase: which includes Functional Strategies, Corporate Strategy, Business Process Improvements, Cost Optimizations and Financial Modelling
  • Implementation phase: which includes Strategy Application, Process Improvements and Cost Optimization
  • Impact Evaluation phase: which includes Financial Performance, Product Performance, Business Systems and Key Processes